Certificate in Business Banking & Conduct

Level 4

The LIBF Level 3 Certificate in Business Banking & Conduct has been designed to develop and enhance understanding of the FCA's conduct of business regime in relation to business banking customers, and to set an independent standard in customer service excellence. It provides the essential knowledge of the UK business banking environment, a thorough grounding in the workings of the sector and a detailed understanding of the regulatory landscape. Completion enables you to demonstrate high standards of professionalism and enhance your credentials for a successful career in business banking.

The LIBF Level 3 Certificate in Business Banking & Conduct has been specifically designed to assist banks in implementing regulation within the context of providing a high quality customer experience. This qualification has been developed for customer-facing staff and will equip them with essential knowledge of the financial services environment, regulatory requirements and the key principles of providing customer service excellence.
Key content areas
 The business banking environment.
 The range of business banking customer needs, wants and aspirations.
 How regulation and legislation affects financial services organisations and their customers.
 The operation and features of key business banking financial products and services.
 The need to provide high standards of customer service.
Entry requirements
There are no entry requirements for the LIBF Level 3 Certificate in Business Banking & Conduct. However you need to be satisfied of your ability to study in English.

Awarding Body:

London Institute of Banking and Finance

Study Hours:

130 hours


to register, kindly fill in our registration form and send it back to us at info@ifsmalta.org 


All units are mandatory. Multiple Choice questions for both units. Unit pass mark is 70%



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