Award in Maltese Home Loan Finance

EQF Level 4

The Award in Maltese Home Loan Finance is a qualification in its own right, updates to cater for the need of the local financial services environment. The key focuses being the different characteristics of home loan financing and mortgage advice particularly relevant to the Maltese scenario.

The course has been designed to enable candidates to attain and maintain competence in becoming proficient in providing mortgage solutions and advice within the Maltese regulatory and ethical framework. In so doing one will be able to: (i) analyse consumers circumstances; (ii) apply mortgage solutions; (iii) identify consumers needs and make suitable recommendations and (iv) understand the advice process and the different types of mortgage solutions. At the end of the course programme, participants should be able to demonstrate their aptitude in two main parts:

Part 1 - Knowledge and Understanding - (i) in legislation, regulation, enforcement and compliance in Malta; (ii) identifying consumers needs, demands and recommend suitable and affordable home loan solutions, using their knowledge and understanding of the advice process, the Maltese financial industry and the regulatory and ethical framework for giving advice on home loans, the different types of home loan solutions and the criteria for determining their suitability and affordability.

Part 2 - Application (Case-Studies) - (i) demonstrate an ability to analyse consumers circumstances and suitable home loan solutions taking account of any existing arrangements, (ii) demonstrate an ability to apply suitable home loan solutions taking account of any existing arrangements, (iii) demonstrate an ability to apply suitable home loan solutions to specific consumer circumstances, (iv) holistic paper will test analysis, synthesis and evaluate.

Unit 1 - Introduction to Financial Services Environment & Products
Unit 2 - Financial Services Regulation
Unit 3 - Law Regulating House Loans, Policy Practice and Markets
Unit 4 - House Loan Application
Unit 5 - House Loan Payment Mthods & Products
Unit 6 - House Loan Arrears and Post-Completion
Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge covered in Units 1-6

The ifs Malta supports student studies through 64 hours of class-room based lectures, together with detailed course material and additional notes to support the students' studies. Lectures are held once a week and tuitions are led by an expert practitioner and structured in a way to assist the candidate to develop competence to sit for the exam. The course of study commences in October till May, with examinations held in June. Candidates who wish to apply for this course programme need to fill in their details on the registration form hereunder and remit to the ifs Administration office at the earliest.

Awarding Body:

ifs Malta

Study Hours:

64 hours of classroom based training


By the end of September. Course starts in October


3-hour written exam

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